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Buns Paper

Name: Buns Paper

  Specifications: square, round, oval (can be customized size)

Product introduction: Won the ISO 22000 & HACCP international food safety management system and 2 points of important control points of hazard analysis, which is dust-free production, self-produced and sold.

Product features: food and professional buns with steamed bread paper, paper anti-oil waterproof anti-stick

 Suitable for flour products such as: steamed buns, steamed bread

Easy to use paper will not dip your skin the best choice

Shape Name Specification(公分) Package Package/Box
Square 包Buns Paper 6*6cm 1000/包Package 70Package/Box
Square Buns Paper  6*7cm 1000/Package 62Package/Box
 Square  Buns Paper   7*9cm   1000/Package  40Package/Box
 Square Buns Paper  8*8cm  1000/Package  35Package/Box 
 Square Buns Paper   9*9cm   1000/Package  24Package/Box 
Square Buns Paper      10*10cm    1000/Package  24Package/Box
 Square Buns Paper     12*12cm  1000/Package  15Package/Box
Elliptical Buns Paper       12*15cm    1000/Package  12包/箱Package/Box
Round Buns Paper 10cm   1000/Package   24Package/Box 
Round Buns Paper  12cm    1000/包    15Package/Box 
Round Buns Paper   16cm   1000/包    8Package/Box
Round Buns Paper  19cm   1000/包     6Package/Box
Round Buns Paper       20.3cm    1000/包      6Package/Box
The other can be customized size



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