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Baking paper

Name: 39g European imports of baking paper and another 41g baking paper

Specifications: 62 * 42cm (can cut a variety of sizes)

Heat resistance temperature: 220 degrees

Product introduction: Won the ISO 22000 & HACCP international food safety management system and 2 points of important control points of hazard analysis, which is dust-free production, self-produced and sold.

Product Features: European imports of food grade paper FDA / BGA food hygiene approval, anti-oil waterproof anti-stick

Paper characteristics: anti-oil, waterproof, anti-stick, renewable, recyclable, natural products.

1.The paper removed the oven tray and the grease needed in the jar, even in the frying pan.
2.In commercial kitchens, paper reduces the need for cleaning, increases productivity and extends the service life of the pallet.
3.Suitable for frozen foods that need to be directly from the freezer to a microwave oven or a conventional oven.
4.Suitable for disposable or multi-purpose applications for private and professional kitchens.
5.In the world of health awareness, reducing the amount of fat used in cooking is a major benefit.

Name Specification Package Pack/Set
Baking paper 46*46 1000 /Pack 2 Pack/Set
Baking paper 58*38 1000 /Pack 2 Pack/Set
Baking paper 60*40 1000 /Pack 2 Pack/Set
Baking paper 62*42 1000 /Pack 3 Pack/Set
Baking paper 62*48 1000 /Pack 2 Pack/Set
Baking paper 66*44 1000 /Pack 2 Pack/Set
Baking paper 60*60 1000 /Pack 2 Pack/Set
Baking paper 62*62 1000 /Pack 2 Pack/Set
Baking paper 84*62 1000 /Pack 2 Pack/Set
The other can be customized size



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