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cake tray

Name: cake tray(gold and silver ear)
Packing: 50 into a pack

Product introduction: Won the ISO 22000 & HACCP international food safety management system and 2 points of important control points of hazard analysis, which is dust-free production, self-produced and sold.
Product features: cake special paper tray, can bring out the cake texture, the size of the hand are easy to take the cake is not easy to hand, delicate and beautiful

Product number Specifications Diameter (cm) Packing ( bag) Remarks
HP-260 Thick pad260Round10Inch 50set*10Bag No ears
HP-230 Thick pad230Round9Inch 50set*12Bag No ears
HP-215 Thick pad 215Round8Inch 50set*16Bag @
HP-180 Thick pad180Round7Inch 200set*10Bag No ears
HP-150 Thick pad150Round6Inch 200set*10Bag No ears
HP-100 Thick pad100Round 200set*10Bag @
HP-90 Thick pad90Round 200set*10Bag @
HP-8-O Thick pad80Round 200set*10Bag @
HP-7575 Thick pad75*75Square 200set*10Bag @
HP-8080 Thick pad 8*8Square 200set*10Bag @
HP-65115 Thick pad 65*115triangle 200set*10Bag @
HP-88 Thick pad80 Octagon 200set*10Bag @
HP-412 Thick pad 4*12 rectangle 200set*10Bag @
HP-9545 Thick pad95*45 rectangle 200set*10Bag @

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